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Our Charity Work

Rays of Sunshine
(Tickets 2 Wishes)

Funstation donates £12,500 to Rays of Sunshine

Funstation launches Tickets 2 Wishes, a campaign which encourages customers to donate their prize tickets to Rays of Sunshine and help grant magical wishes for seriously ill children.

James Miller, Managing Director at Funstation, explains: “Funstation is all about friends and family having fun together, and we wanted to do something that would help make happy memories for families who may not be having such a fun time at the moment. ‘Tickets For Wishes’ seemed like the perfect way for us to help raise money for Rays of Sunshine, and help grant magical wishes for seriously ill children.

IMG_0079 (002).PNG

Wahegru Book & Toy Foundation

Funstation Star City supports Toy Drive to raise £31,500

Funstation helped Birmingham local Josh Thiara with his Toy Drive for the wonderful Wahegru Foundation.

Within the span of 8 weeks, the Book & Toy Drive had managed to raise an amount of £31,501.33 in donations of books and toys.