Party Time

We offer  a great Party Package at most our sites. Each location has something different to offer!

You can even book these ONLINE !


Party Q & A's

Q. Do the parties include food?

A.  No... but there are lots of restaurants around our venues! Check them out here:

Q. What games are included?

A.  All our fantastic games are included except direct prize winning machines such as grabbers and cranes.

Q. If it is a Birthday, what can you offer the Birthday child?

A.  If we know beforehand that it is a Birthday party, we can organise a Goody Bag for the Birthday child.

Q. What is the minimum amount of people?

A.  8 people. This means that if 8 people attend, you get 8  cards to play with (sharing is not permitted).

Q. Why is the game play 50 minutes?

A.  We try and make our experience the best, and ideally you'll be with us just over an hour. The extra time is to help you spend the 500 prize points we give you!

Q. Is there a Party Host?

A.  Due to the site being open to the public at the same time, we can't guarantee a party host. However, our staff are always there to help when needed but we advise a parent/guardian present for younger parties.

Q. Can I get a refund if one person doesn't turn up on the day?

A.  Due to us preparing your cards we are unable to offer refunds for non-attending people/parties.